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annuncio choc il 16/7 a Carcassonne:
"I have nine more shows and then I stop. No more shows, no more music, no more albums, nothing. I just want to spend time with my children".
Elton John
il 24 marzouscito
il cofanetto comme morativo
di Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Elton ritorna in Italia:
4 dicembre a Milano

Elton John
E' uscito il nuovo libro sugli inizi di Elton John, per ordinare le due edizioni:

hardback (limitata)

elton john


Elton John Channel
Elton Channel

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"All these people spend all this
 time creating masterpieces. I
could never  believe they took
 themselves so  seriously.
 I hate that ... why do I come on
 stage in  a cape as opposed to dirty  denims and  a T-shirt?
 that's part 
of the fun ...
 never  take yourself 
 seriously. We're always
each other up,
and that's the 
whole thing
 about it ... just be

 natural  and have a laugh "
- Elton John

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