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Bad Side Of The Moon is a web site entirely dedicated to Sir Elton John and his music, on-line since 2000, and completely no-profit.

This unofficial site is not in touch with Elton himself or his management . This Italian site offers a very complete collection of photos, articles and information about Sir Elton John, taken from all over the Web, and it is also an always up-to-date encyclopaedia. You can find a detailed world-wide discography with the album covers and lists, more precise as possible, for each section. On this site you can find: lyrics and most of the songs, composed, played or sung by him during his career, already translated in Italian. The dates of his concerts, the musicians, producers and other artists linked with Sir Elton John. Articles and photos sent by the fans. A database of newspaper articles from all over the world. A detailed analysis of the first period of his career and a forum of discussion.

All collaborations are appreciated, and remember, you can enrich this website owing to your help, without questions, we can do it only with your help. Send us any kind of material or advise to our e-mail address...