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 Sweetheart On Parade
Sweetheart On Parade

Everybody loves to love
The local girl made good
Surely I'd find peace of mind
If anybody could

Still at times I find myself
Wishing they were right
If everybody loves me
Where are they tonight

Everybody loves to love
the sweetheart on parade
Out there on the stage tonight
The girl who's got it made

But after the applause is gone
I sometimes wish I knew
Why everybody loves me
And I love only you

Haven't I got all the things
Success alone can give
Wouldn't everybody love
To lead the life I live
All I need is someone I can share it with

But how they love to love
The golden girl next door
Up there with her name in lights
Now who could ask for more

Still I can't help wondering
Why it should be true
That everybody loves me
Everyone but you

testo di Gary Osborne  (pubblicata solo da altri artisti, 1982)

Di questa canzone, scritta originariamente per Olivia Newton John che però non l'ha mai incisa,  esiste solo un demo cantato da Elton; è stata registrata da Albert Hammond nel 1982 (con il titolo modificato in Hero On Parade), da Donatella Rettore nel 1983 (nell'album Far West), da Connie Van Der Bos sempre nel 1983 (in lingua olandese) ed infine da Judy Collins nel 1984