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elenchi dei singoli per nazioni

Elton John - SINGOLI 45 giri
Sud Africa

in completamento

1971    Friends/Honey roll     DJM    DJS 320

1972    Daniel/Skyline pigeon (piano version)           DJM    DJS 331

1974    Don't let the sun go down on me/Sick city   DJM    DJS 344

1975    Yell help/Grow some funk of your own       DJM    PD 1183

1981    Nobody wins/Fools in fashion           ROCKET       6000 663

1983    I guess that's why they call it the blues/Choc ice goes mental         ROCKET       TOS 1413

1983    I'm still standing/Earn while you learn          ROCKET       TOS 1452

1985    Wrap her up/Restless  ROCKET       TOS 1559

1986    Slow rivers/Billy and the kids           ROCKET       TOS 1617