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elenchi dei singoli per nazioni

Elton John - SINGOLI 45 giri

in costruzione (parziale)

1971    Friends/The first kiss/Michelle's song/Season reprise           GAMMA        GX 07-764           EP

1971    Tiny dancer/Levon    FERMATA    DE 77-24

1971    Tiny dancer/Levon    FERMATA    DE 77-24    copertina alternativa

1973    Crocodile rock/Elderberry wine    FERMATA    DE 77-26

1973    Crocodile rock/Elderberry wine    FERMATA    DE 77-26    copertina alternativa

1973    Daniel/Teacher I need you/Come down in time       MUSART       EXI 4039        EP

1973    Goodbye yellow.../This song has no title/Saturday night's alright   MUSART       EXI 40062     

1973    Honky cat/Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters      FERMATA    DE 77-25

1973    Bennie and the Jets/Candle in the wind    MUSART       EXI-40090

1974    Lucy in the sky with diamonds/Your song/One day at a time         MUSART       EXI-40107            EP

1975    Someone saved my life tonight/Writing/Better off dead      MUSART       EXI-40113    EP

1975    Captain Fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy/    MUSART       EXI-40154    ++++

1975    Philadelphia freedom/I saw her standing there (live)           MUSART       MI 30224               

1975    Someone save my life tonight/Writing/Better off dead       MUSART       EXI 40113                 EP

1976    I feel like a bullet ../Grown some funk of your own MUSART       EXI 40138

1976    Sorry seems to be the hardest word/Shoulder Holster     ROCKET       7997    ++++

1981    Nobody wins/Fools in fashion           ROCKET       6000 663       senza copertina