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immagini concerti

Cork (Irlanda
) - The Marquee   23 giugno 2013

Elton John - Cork 2013

Elton & Band The Marquee Cork 23th June 2013

My Review

di Paul Purcell  (thanks!)

Paul Purcell

Hello Cork...
 it's great to be able to say that again Elton declared last night as his love affair continued with the best small venue in the world to see him.  Straight in from the off he majestically stomped onstage with Kim Bullard reflecting his pomp with a sweeping brassy overture to herald the Bitch back. Davey Johnstone had returned to his trusted position of chief wingman for the Captain... the leader in his light blue crystal encrusted jacket with his very position in the world to our town emblazoned on the back.  Fantastic the feedback he immediately got from the crowd...start as we mean to go on.  Levon with it's extended jam went into extra time... Elton pushed the finish line further back than usual with the girls in the backing vocals all egging him on with hand claps and locked eye contact.  Not before Tata Vega had shone on her vocal part of the song.  Holiday Inn with Davey's wonderful mandolin with it's Celtic connection was right at home.  When he did Believe... possibly my favourite Elton/Bernie song ever... this was a statement of purpose and ideal.  Matt Bissonette's plunging bass lines on the chorus were outstanding, the boy has done more than well in replacing the late great Bob Birch.  Safe hands indeed... Goodbye Yellow Brick Road had Elton asking us for our assistance.  We had already answered before he asked the question!!  Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding was one of the many highlights for Nigel on the night. The reason being was that John Mahon had taken ill before the show and was under the care of the wonderful staff of a Cork hospital. So Nigel upped his game beyond the world class levels he's established and filled any gaps with the same power and gentleness that John provides.  On LLB when it got going it was like the old days. His drum sound filled the air...air that we breathed in and could the fell the power in our hearts. When it was over, the onslaught of rock rolling over us continued. It was the turn of All The Girls Love Alice to keep up the pace. The riff had the headbangers out... and Elton was the banging the keys in equal measure. But we needed a breather...we're only human but Elton is on the level slightly above us in that department so he he duly obliged.  When he did Sorry, the string sound at the start from Kim seemed to last eternity before Elton's piano came in. On the solo where John would do his discreet yet vital parts, Nigel assumed the mantle and brought his trademark slow drumming on the ride cymbal into play to give that section a whole new dynamic. Beautiful! The Elton did The One solo... by now he was playing grace notes... the voice and piano held court and the transfixing of everyone was an at One moment for sure. Then Elton rocked out...no space between the courses, the crowd were gorging as quick as Elton could feed us.  Crocodile Rock was a wow moment... who may you ask told me?  None other than Elton himself as he mouthed those words as we LA' LA'd him in adoration. Saturday Night's Alright had Davey doing a new raspy solo just before the final chants...eye popping and ear bending it was. As per usual the crowd at the Marquee joined in with Elton on Your Song... because that's the way it works here... then Circle Of Life solo send us on our way without a stampede, but we were joyful. Just when you think with Elton you've seen it all, he proves there's more to be seen than can ever be seen and more to do than can ever be done from him. Overall the setlist rocked like nobodies business, Elton sounded and played with precision and class.  The band were in tremendous form... John Mahon got a tremendous cheer when his name was mentioned at the band intro's. He must have heard it from his sick bed. Elton loves this venue. An artist needs a proper canvass to create his art, the canvass of the Marquee tent is tailored made for Elton.  A majical place he called it. But his majic was the star on the night ...

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Paul Purcell © 2013
Paul Purcell - Corck 2013