Bad Side Of The Moon is born between 2000 and 2001,
created by Giuseppe Bonaventura and Andrea Masini with
the collaboration of the italian fans.
It is entirely dedicated to Elton and everything that surrounds him. But it's mostly dedicated to the early days (60's) and the golden days of his career.
On the web there are plenty english sites dedicated to him, Bad Side is in italian because is mainly addressed to the italian fans and collectors but it's easy accessible to everybody.
Regarding the quantity of material we are not second to anybody and this you can see it yourself from the quantity of pages contained in the site.
There are lots of pages dedicated to projects, musicians and everybody who collaborated with him.
There are live pictures (with fans in transfer included) and a very lively forum.
The pages are in constant evolution and all advises are most welcome!!

we are not affiliated to Elton or Elton 's official site or management.